a line made of light - wave-particle dualism

“Duallinien” is an interactive installation, inviting observers to take matters into their own hands. A web made of taut white ropes installed in the stairwell-rays of light that seem to reach every corner of the surroundings. During the day it appears to be a motionless construct, a mere architectural intrusion, but at night the once dormant object comes to life. White dots and lines start conquering the hallway. The ropes can be put into motion by the observer resulting in a dance of white dots, lines and shadows connecting all the floors in the building. Small oscillations can have surprisingly strong effects, it gets harder to make the distinction between what is up and what is down, lines blur and finally become one. Rays of light coming from all sides, every nook and corner of the space - creating “Duallinien”.


February 2016

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